About Us

About Cycloid Fathom

Cycloid Fathom Technical PublishingTM since 1986 has been active in editorial, design and management aspects of running technical conferences, and producing newsletters, journals, book series, cards, calendars, Web content, and fine-art and editorial volumes. In addition to its own publications, it has supported not-for-profit publishers, commercial publishers, and professional societies. (NAICS: 561410)

Since the mid-1980s, a variety of mostly monochrome images have been accumulated in the form of photographic negatives and more recently in digital formats.  Many are displayed in photo gallery pages at this web site. A wet chemical darkroom for black & white development and printing as well as scanning and digital manipulation services are available on a case-by-case basis as requested for images that visitors would like to obtain for their own collections. (NAICS: 711510)

About the Chairman

Elton N. Kaufmann, Chairman of Cycloid Fathom Technical Publishing, is trained as a physicist and materials scientist. He has been a researcher and manager at both industrial and government laboratories in the United States. Over four decades, he has worked with the communications industry and applications of technology to energy security and national defense. He is closely associated in leadership positions with professional societies in the USA, Europe and Asia.

His technical expertise spans several areas in the physical sciences and his editorial experience spans archival scientific publication of journals and books to development materials such as newsletters, brochures, and web content.

His interest in photography dates to 1985, focusing primary on the monochrome silver print with a particular interest in topics of societal commentary that evince the human condition.