Selected Publishing Projects


Logos And Brochures

Energy for the Future (E4F)

Energy for the Future (E4F)E4F-T

A logo designed for the European Materials Research Society’s
new “Energy for the Future” initiative (2015 et seq.)

IUMRS Brochure

IUMRS Brochure

The International Union of Materials Research Societies brochure of ~2002, advertising membership and the publication IUMRS Facets.


The European Energy System… 2016

A synopsis for European policy makers and concerned citizens. The main object of this booklet is to provide to non‑specialists the necessary information on the current energy situation and its effective management, thus helping the general public understand and participate in the decision making processes related to climate issues, environmental effects and sustainability aspects.

Fourth World Materials Summit, Strasbourg,France, October 2013

Fourth World Materials Summit, Strasbourg, France, October 2013

This presented the reports and opinions of leaders in many fields of research and commerce, focusing on energy, sustainability, and advanced materials. Perspectives from Next Generation Researchers (Students and Postdocs) in attendance are interspersed throughout the report and in an appendix. The full report is available here.


Hyperfine Interactions

Hyperfine Interactions

An international physics journal covering the several methods and phenomena related to the splitting of atomic and nuclear energy levels due to the influence of magnetic fields and electric field gradients.  Nuclear magnetic resonance, Moessbauer Effect, and perturbed angular correlation of emitted radiation were the spectroscopic techniques on which researchers reported.

IUMRS Facets (2002 - 2006)

IUMRS Facets (2002 – 2006)

An atypical “newsletter” that reported very little “news.”  Most content in this quarterly publication comprised reports from around the globe on research activities and facilities.  Cycloid Fathom created the initial design and managed the entire editorial process from author acquisition to publication and advertising.

Journal of Materials Research

Journal of Materials Research

An archival journal launched in 1986 for the Materials Research Society, it’s first such publication. Specified design and created editorial boards at the time.

Technical Books

Annual Review of Materials Science Series

 Annual Review of Materials Science Series

Provided an Editor-in-Chief role for several years in the 1990s for this annual multi-author, multi-topic publication of Annual Reviews, Inc (Palo Alto, CA, USA)

Nuclear and Electron Resonance Spectroscopies Applied to Materials Science

Nuclear and Electron Resonance Spectroscopies Applied to Materials Science

Proceedings of an unexpectedly popular symposium at a materials conference in 1980.  Programming and editing provided.

IUMRS Facets - Compendium

IUMRS Facets – Compendium

Republished all five years of IUMRS Facets issues in one volume (2006).


Methods in Materials Research : Characterization of Materials 1st (2 volumes) and 2nd (3 volumes) Editions

Served as Editor-in-Chief of this major reference work on three successive occasions — Late 1990s loose-leaf updateable version, two-volume set in 2003, and three-volume set second edition in 2012.  Acquired all authors and topic editors, working closely with the publisher’s production crew.

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