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Cycloid Fathom Technical PublishingTM since 1986 has been active in editorial, design and management aspects of running technical conferences, and producing newsletters, journals, book series, cards, calendars, Web content, and editorial volumes. In addition to its own publications, it has supported not-for-profit publishers, commercial publishers, and professional societies. (NAICS: 561410)

We are poised to assist you in the design and implementation of many forms of technical communication. Combining our own science, technology, and policy background and training with access to the best additional sources of well-focused talent for specific projects, we orchestrate the production of professional technical reports, the planning and running of technical workshops and conferences, the management of in-depth studies, and the preparation of public-targeted outreach materials. From the highest level editorial work to the everyday copy editing and proofreading, your publication will impress. From detailed advance planning to supplier negotiations, to on-site operations and to interactive problem solving, your professional gatherings will run smoothly for you and your attendees.

Contact us with the details of your project and learn how we can help you and your organization.
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